The eco-friendly alternative to trash bags 

Eco-friendly how exactly? We use only renewable, plant-based materials in the making of Plastno bags, which break down naturally into organic matter.

  • Plastno eco-friendly trash bag made with cornstarch


    Yep, the same stuff you use to thicken up gravies and scrub stubborn stains. This mighty material is made from ethically harvested corn and biodegrades rapidly.

  • Plastno eco-friendly alternative to trash bags made with PLA

    Polylactic Acid

    Derived from renewable sources such as sugar cane, PLA is good for the planet because it shares similar properties to plastic – yet decomposes without a trace.

  • Plastno eco-friendly alternative to trash bags made with PBAT

    Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate

    Breaking down completely when composted and leaving no toxic waste behind, PBAT has huge potential to replace regular plastic, without sacrificing strength.

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Throwing food waste into Plastno biodegradable garbage bag

A verified vanishing act

When considering any eco-friendly alternative to trash bags, it’s important to check their credentials. Our bags are BPI and TUV-certified for composting at home and in commercial facilities, which means they are independently verified to meet the highest standards of compostability. Once disposed of, they’ll disappear within just a few weeks, leaving nothing toxic behind.

  • Plastno BPI Certification

    BPI Certification

    Setting the standard for industrial composting in North America, BPI ensures our bags are safe for commercial facilities. They are rigorously checked to ensure they leave no synthetic residue behind.

  • Plastno TUV Certification

    TUV Certification

    Globally recognized, TUV-certified means our bags have passed multiple tests for safe home composting. Put simply, they will break down cleanly in your own backyard – into organic matter safe for use on plants.

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Using an eco-friendly trash bag

Our eco-friendly trash bag can be used just like a regular one. Simply fill, tie, and toss.

  • Throwing trash into Plastno Compostable Trash Bag


    Fill your bag with regular household or compostable waste.

  • Tying Plastno Compostable Trash Bag


    Close securely and carry with confidence.

  • Taking out the trash in a Plastno compostable trash bag


    Take your bag to the curb on pickup day for proper disposal.

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  • Plastno eco-friendly trash bag for household waste

    Household waste

    Plastno bags prevent tons of plastic from landfills and polluting the environment.

  • Plastno eco-friendly trash bag for home composting

    Home composting

    A circular economy starts at home! Compost Plastno bags to feed your plants later.

  • Plastno eco-friendly trash bag for commercial composting

    Commercial composting

    Industrial facilities offer a convenient alternative to home composting.

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Women holding Plastno eco-friendly alternative to trash bags

Choose an eco-friendly alternative to trash bags

Now you know how our eco-friendly trash bag measures up, you can make a simple switch to reduce your plastic footprint today. 

Whether you regularly compost at home or just want to reduce your single-use plastic use, Plastno bags make the perfect eco-friendly alternative to trash bags.

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