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Gift Card

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About our eco-friendly gift cards

Why it works

The Plastno sustainable gift card allows you to share your secret planet-saving weapon with others just like you! 

It’s the perfect gift for someone in your life who wants to start cutting back on single-use plastics, helping them get started with convenient, eco-friendly home products.

What it is 

  • Easy to use, digital, eco-friendly gift cards (no plastic, obviously!)
  • A sustainable gift card with no expiry date
  • Helps first-timers try our product for free, and join the anti-plastic revolution
  • Helps habitual planet-saving heroes save money when restocking household essentials

How to use

After checking out, you'll receive the gift card via email with instructions on how to redeem and share.

  • Plastno eco-friendly garbage bags replaces plastic trash bags

    Circular lifecycle

    Our bags are made from renewable, plant-based materials.

  • Plastno heavy-duty compostable trash bags

    Tough and durable

    These are eco trash bags strong enough for typical household trash.

  • Recyclable packaging for Plastno compostable trash bags

    Recyclable packaging

    100% plastic-free, from product to packaging.

  • Plastno non-toxic biodegradable kitchen trash bags

    Non-toxic compostable

    Fully decomposes without leaving a trace.

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Standing with Plastno Compostable Bag

Help others make the switch with eco-friendly gift cards

Bag the gift that keeps on giving back to the planet. Plastno products are designed to make sustainable switches easy with quality alternatives suitable for household use.