Our eco-friendly gift cards

The Plastno sustainable gift card allows you to share your secret planet-saving weapon with others just like you!

It’s the perfect gift for someone in your life who wants to start cutting back on single-use plastics, helping them get started with convenient, eco-friendly home products.

Give the gift of a cleaner world

Sustainable cleaning products

Circular lifecycle

Our products are made from renewable, plant-based materials.

Heavy-duty trash bags

Tough and durable

These are eco trash bags strong enough for typical household trash.


Recyclable packaging

100% plastic-free, from packaging to product.

Plant-based cleaning products

Non-toxic compostable

Fully decomposes without leaving a trace.

Standing roll of Plastno biodegradable trash bags

Help others make the switch with eco-friendly gift cards

Bag the gift that keeps on giving back to the planet. Plastno products are designed to make sustainable switches easy with quality alternatives suitable for household use.

Here's why we're different

Opening a Plastno compostable trash bag

Human Safe

Plastno eco-friendly packaging

Less Waste

Plastno compostable trash bags and biodegradable garbage bags

Reliably Clean